Will Epperson

Hello and welcome! I am a PhD student in the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. I work in the DIG research group and am advised by Dominik Moritz and Adam Perer. I did my undergrad at Georgia Tech where I studied Computer Science and researched intersectional ML model errors with Polo Chau.
My research interests lie in developing interactive data science tools for both experts and non-experts. I am interested in how we can help analysts understand their data through interactive visualization, recommended analysis, and models. My commonly used research methods include building stand-alone systems for data analysis, building extensions to existing tools like Jupyter, and running human studies experiments to evaluate these systems.
I've spent time at Microsoft Research and Point72 Asset Management, and will be doing software engineering at Databricks in the summer of 2022.

Recent Research Publications

Solas is a visualization recommendation tool that uses the history of analysis for in situ recommendations in Jupyter.
EuroVis 2022
Interviews and a survey with 149 data scientists at Microsoft revealed five distinct strategies for sharing and reusing analysis code along with factors that encourage or discourage reuse.
ICSE 2022
Diff in the Loop supports tracking, comparing, and visualizing differences in datasets during iterative data analysis.
CHI 2022
Discovering intersectional ML Bias through interactive visualization.
VAST 2019