Will Epperson

Hello and welcome! I am a PhD candidate in the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. I work in the DIG research group and am advised by Dominik Moritz and Adam Perer.
My research interests lie in developing ways to make complex systems easier to use and understand for experts and non-experts. I am interested in how we can build tools to help users interact with their data through understandable Machine Learning, interactive visualizations, and reccomended analysis. I'm also interested in how these techniques can be applied to the medical domain to improve both doctor and patient experiences.
I did my undergrad at Georgia Tech where I studied Computer Science and researched fairness in ML through visual analytics systems, advised by Polo Chau.

Recent Research Publications

Discovering intersectional ML Bias through interactive visualization
VAST 2019
Interactive Auditing of Automatic Toxicity Detection Models